With more than eighty years of experience, Damoo belongs to the most established provider of sound and music in Mauritius.

Supplier of some of the biggest names in musical instruments and audio equipment, we  also offer our services for concert, conference, theatre and special events sound system.

We covered all types of activities throughout the island during the past decades.

We have taken our know how from live performance sound expertise and brought it to the permanent (fix) installation market. 

Houses of worship, educational institutions, small and large  capacity sports venue, entertainment arenas etc...  are among the fixed installation we achieved.

We were pioneers to put on record our Mauritian folk song "The Séga" on 78rpm vinyl and forerunners in launching the first recording studio in Mauritius. 

We were also first local company to introduce Compact Disc and sound large open-air activities in Mauritius.

Our experience at different levels of organizations of sound event and installation of technical sound system bring us near perfection.

Our fidelity, stability, know how, experience and dedication to professionalism to Mauritius and to brands we represent have been proven.

Perfection is at a touch, call us now!